Why AEPi?

First and foremost, we are a group of friends: a group of friends who live together, eat together, work together and spend time together. We are a diverse group of UNC undergrads across all years, interests, majors, and backgrounds.

We benefit from being in an organization in which we offer each other academic and emotional support. We encourage each other to try new things, to be spontaneous, and to succeed in the classroom.

Here are a few reasons to join AEPi:

  • AEPi brothers can explore Judaism culturally, spiritually and socially in a unique way. We serve as a foundational part of UNC’s diverse Jewish community
  • Ours is a culture that fosters academic achievement. Our chapter has consistently boasted one of the top-3 GPAs among University Greek organizations, including the top GPA in both semesters of 2016-17.
  • Our brotherhood is active in the Greek and University community. We work with other student groups in philanthropy, and our brothers engage in a wide variety of extracurricular pursuits.  
  • AEPi is built upon the integrity of our brothers, and respect for each other and the UNC community. We are a strictly non-hazing fraternity.
  • AEPi is a social fraternity that provides members with a healthy outlet for enjoying college life. Our social events include mixers with sororities, date cocktails, and weekend trips to the beach and mountains.

Beyond college:

  • AEPi members can take advantage of the networking opportunities of an international fraternity and of the smaller chapter. Older members can offer career and academic advice across all fields, while our alumni network is happy to hire graduates.
  • The fraternity is a structured organization with many positions that require responsibility and leadership Each brother that joins AEPi has been chosen with the hopes that they may contribute to the growth of the organization — and gain leadership skills that will help them in the future.