Parent’s Weekend Spring 2016

This weekend, AEPi had the pleasure of hosting our families for our annual Parent’s Weekend. As our chapter grows, so do the number of parents and siblings who attend, and this year we saw a record turnout of over 100 family members! We had a lovely Oneg on Friday evening, followed by a formal dinner at the Carolina Inn on Saturday.


After a speech by our Master, Michael Tommer, we presented this year’s awards:

Brother of the Year: Adam Shapiro, Risk Manager
This award goes to a non-EBoard member, who has contributed the most to this chapter over the past year.

Rookie of the Year: Jason Sewell, Exchequer
This award goes to the most outstanding new member of our Fall Pledge Class.

Executive Board Member of the Year: Michael Tommer, Master
This award goes to an EBoard Member who has gone above and beyond his duties in helping our chapter succeed.

Athlete of the Year: Noah Somaratne, Lacrosse and Basketball
This award goes to our most outstanding athlete from the past year.

Scholar of the Year: Jacob Barach, Business and Journalism
This award goes to a brother who has excelled academically over the past year.

Lifetime Achievement: Jacob Massey, CEO of LineLeader Inc.
This award goes to a senior who has achieved tremendous things as a student and is poised to translate that success into the life outside of college.

Best Big-Little Duo: Kevin Margolin & Michael DeBello
This award goes to the big-little duo who lead this fraternity and are a prime example of what we strive for in assigning our Big Brothers to their new littles.

The Omega chapter thanks all the parents for attending and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Asher Kenen, Scribe