Parents Weekend – Spring 2017


On Feb. 17-19, 2017, AEPi hosted our families for our annual Parent’s Weekend. With over 100 family members in attendance, we had the great pleasure or meeting the parents and siblings of our members and showcasing our chapter’s accomplishments over the past year.

On Friday, parents arrived and we held a cocktail hour at the house, before going to the Carolina Inn for our traditional formal dinner, a speech from our president Jason Sewell, and the presentation of our annual awards (see below).

On Saturday, we had a luncheon at the house, with delicious food catered from Mediterranean Deli. That evening, the tenth-ranked UNC basketball team took on #14 Virginia and earned a 65-41 win. Many parents attended the game at the Dean Dome with their sons, and others watched at the house.

On Sunday, before our parents departed for the weekend, we held a bagel brunch at the house and presented our slideshow.

Here are this year’s award winners:


Brother of the Year: David Gallub

This award goes to a non-Executive Committee member who has contributed the most to this chapter over the past year. David has served tirelessly on the Housing Committee for the past three semesters, and his work on this committee has been invaluable to improving our house.


Rookie of the Year: Nick Tavel

This award goes to the most outstanding new member of our Fall Pledge Class. Nick is a member of the Executive Committee, serving as House Manager, and has worked hard in that capacity to improve our house.


Scholar of the Year: Michael Lebhar

This award goes to a brother who has excelled academically over the past year. Michael, a biomedical engineering major, has maintained a high GPA and won awards and scholarships for his research on campus.


Best Big-Little Duo: Josh Baron and Nick Tavel

This award goes to the big-little duo who lead this fraternity and are a prime example of what we strive for in assigning our Big Brothers. Josh and Nick, who were paired when Nick joined in the fall, are a great example of close friendship between big-little pairings.


Executive of the Year: Hayden Lawler
This award goes to an Executive Committee member who has gone above and beyond his duties in helping our chapter succeed. Hayden, who currently serves in the advisory role of Sentinel, was also the House Manager in 2016 and the New Member Educator in the fall of 2015. His continuity on the Executive Committee and intelligent advice has been very important to the committee and our brotherhood.


Athlete of the Year: David Voychuk

This award goes to our most outstanding athlete from the past year. David is a member of UNC’s ultimate frisbee team, Darkside, which is currently ranked #2 in the nation.


Lifetime Achievement: Zach Younger

This award goes to a senior who has achieved tremendous things as a brother and is poised to translate that success into the life outside of college. Zach is best known in the fraternity for his long term as House Manager, and he has a long list of contributions to the chapter throughout his four years at UNC.


The Omega chapter thanks all the parents for attending, and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!


Sam Killenberg